Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We can help! Find all the answers to your most common questions regarding Loves Glove's penis sleeves here. 


1. How Do I Clean My Loves Glove Cock Sleeve?

To clean your penis extender sleeve, use warm water and liquid soap. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel after rinsing.

2. How Do I Know Which Inner Depth to Select?

The term inner depth refers to the depth of the opening for Love's glove sleeve.

For example, if the erection is 5.5 inches long, you should select a 5.5-inch inner depth. If the erection length happens to fall a quarter inch, select the next size up. For example, 5.75-inch erect length should select a 6-inch inner depth.

3. Can Loves Glove’s Penis Sleeve Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Not really. For best results, Loves Glove’s cock sleeves should be worn when the user is fully erect.

4. How Do I Put My Penis Extender Sleeve On?

Please refer to our instructions video to learn how to put your dick sleeve on.

5. Who Are Loves Glove’s Penis Sleeves For?

Loves Glove’s cock sleeves are meant for men looking for realistic penis sleeves to enhance penis length and girth. Ideally, they are used by a married couple. A husband and wife.

6. How Can I Warm My Penis Sleeve Extender Up?

For warming up your dick sleeve, you should put it on for 5 to 10 minutes before use. Have it on underneath a pair of tight-fitting underwear. As the Loves Glove penis sleeve is pressed against your skin, it will warm up to normal body temperature.

7. How Much Girth Does It Add?

Wearing the Love's glove and taking your measurements are the only foolproof methods of gauging your newfound size. But if you want to get a general idea before you buy, you need to do some math.

  • To help you understand the math, we’ll use Special Agent 007 as an example. To start, the inner depth of all Loves Glove sleeves is 3.25 inches, and the circumference of Special Agent 007 is 5 inches.
  • Let's assume that the user's circumference is 5 inches as well. Here's the math: 5 inches circumference minus 3.25 inches of depth inside equals 1.75 inches. That is roughly how much extra girth this sleeve will provide, so add 1.75 inches to your own 5-inch circumference. 
  • So, in this case, when wearing the Special Agent 007 sleeve, the total new circumference is 6.75 inches!

8. How Long Does an Order Take To Arrive?

If we have it in stock within 2 to 4 business days. If not in stock, then 5 to 7 business days.

9. How Long Do They Last?

If properly cared for, Loves Glove sleeves can last for years.

10. Can Pre-Cum Cause Loves Glove Sleeve to Detach? 

It can, because pre-cum introduces a slippery liquid into the dry vacuum which holds the sleeve in place. This liquid can begin to break the vacuum lock necessary for secure attachment. There are two ways to eliminate this problem.

  • The user can wear a dry, non-lubricated condom before putting on the loves glove sleeve.

  • He can pour a small amount of baby powder or cornstarch powder into the base of the sleeve insert opening. The powder will absorb any liquid secreting into the sleeve and secure attachment.