Special Agent 007 ( 7.5" long. 5.25" Circumference. )

$ 195.00

Unlike other adult toys made from cheap rubber which irritates and burns the skin, Loves Glove products are made from specially formulated silicon designed to diffuse surface tension and slide across the skin just like the real thing.

  • Stays on securely and won't slip off.
  • Designed to look and feel real.
  • Available in multiple depths.
  • Comes in three flesh tones: brown, white and black.
  • Functions properly without buckling, folding over, getting stuck, or slipping off like other penis extenders do.
  • Designed with a tapered base to blend out of sight for a more realistic look.
  • Can be warmed for a more realistic feel.
  • Inner depth is 1" diameter with a circumference of 3.25".
NOTE: Inner depth equals the length of an erect penis.

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