Loves Glove advanced customer service and counseling December 01 2019 1 Comment

In addition to Loves Glove superior quality we also provide great customer service. If a customer or potential customer needs something they can call me directly. No annoying corporate automated phone service here, I'm a guy walking around with a cellphone in my pocket just like you. Anyone can call me at any time with their request. If need be I can deal with people on their own unique personal level. Though we are all different we are not separated by an infinite amount of different problems. I heard them all, I had them all and I have the solutions. I'v helped guys with erectile dysfunction, uncooperative wife, pre cum slippage, premature ejaculation or questions like how big to go; what kind of lube to use; how to clean your product; date ideas to get her in the mood, etc...we can cover all that and more.

The secret is I love what i do. I love to see couples happy with my products. seeing people relationships and sex life improved and fulfilled with a little help from Loves Glove and Loves' Glove customer service truly bring me Joy.

Try any of our Loves Glove you won't regret it.