How to Introduce a Toy in Bed to Spice up Your Sex Life January 26 2023

Sex toys are one of the first things that come to mind when you want to spice things up. However, talking about your fantasies with your partner can be intimidating, especially if you're worried about your partner's reaction—unfortunately, the presence of sex toys makes some people feel inadequate.

You might also feel uncomfortable voicing your sexual desires or admitting a curiosity that extends beyond your typical bedroom activities. We understand! Being that open with our sexual desires can be nerve-racking.

When toys are incorporated into sex, it opens up a whole new realm of pleasure. However, many people have the misconception that sex toys are exclusive to solo play. So if you're wondering how to introduce a toy in bed without making the situation awkward, we'll give you some pointers.


How Sex Toys Improve Your Sex Life

Before cutting to the chase, let's first understand why sex toys improve your sex life. 

Many people report that using toys causes them to have more frequent and intense orgasms because they provide sensations that the human body cannot. The sheer number of options available can keep couples' sex exciting and engaging, which is important for keeping the spark alive in committed relationships.

There are numerous ways in which sex toys can improve your sexual experience. The addition of toys to a couple's sexual repertoire increases mutual trust, and couples who openly discuss their sex lives report higher levels of satisfaction.


How to Have the Sex-Toy Talk

Sex toys carry a lot of stigmas because it's widely believed that people use them as substitute partners or as a fix for sexual problems. Some people may feel threatened by their partner's interest in toys because they think it will take attention away from their sexual skills.

Having a conversation about sex toys with your partner doesn't have to be uncomfortable or difficult. To make this conversation go more smoothly, consider the following suggestions:

You Need the Right Time and Place


Many people make the mistake of pulling out toys unexpectedly during sex in an attempt to introduce them to their partners. Don't surprise your partner with sex toys unless you've had a conversation about it first; doing so could cause them to feel insecure or even cause an argument. Instead, set aside time outside sex to talk about using toys.


Open Communication is Key

It's important to talk openly about sex with your partner. Share with your partner your likes, dislikes, and interests. It can be awkward initially, but the more you talk about it, the easier it becomes. Being direct while remaining open to a mutually beneficial agreement is key. It all boils down to what makes you both feel comfortable.


Keep an Open Mind

Couples should feel comfortable enough to discuss sex without feeling shame. Never directly link your desire for toys to any criticism or dissatisfaction with your current sex partner. That will feed into any insecurities your partner might have.

Do not feel guilty about or avoid expressing what you want, as this could lead to frustration and resentment. Try approaching it from a more adventurous perspective, where sex toys are just one of many fun things you can try to enrich your sex life. In general, we want our partners to enjoy themselves while we're making love to them and will go to great lengths to ensure that.


Easy Does It

Don't try to impose toys on your partner if they're not interested in the conversation or the idea. Remember that sex is supposed to be pleasurable for everyone involved, and not considering your partner’s desires makes you a selfish lover! Instead, you should try to understand what exactly is making them feel uneasy so that you can help them overcome any future inhibitions or prejudices they may have about toys and sex.


Find the Perfect Sex Toy

Now, when it comes to sex toys, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You have so much variety that the perfect toy for one couple will look very different from the perfect toy for another couple. For some, the ideal toy is a vibrator that can enhance sex sensations; for others, the ideal toy is a male sex toy, such as a penis sleeve. Having an in-depth conversation with your partner is essential to discovering what will work for you.


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