Using Your Loves Glove: How to Use a Penis Sleeve January 26 2023

Even though most women are open to the idea, bringing sex toys into the bedroom is not as frequent as you might think it is. Some couples avoid the subject because they are embarrassed to discuss their sexual fantasies or are fearful of being rejected.

If your sex life has become a little monotonous lately, bringing a toy to bed can help spice things up. Any time you bring novelty into the bedroom, it boosts the release of dopamine, which is crucial for arousal and excitement during sexual intercourse. If you want to make things more exciting for your partner, you could try using a penis sleeve.

A penis sleeve (also known as cock sleeve and dick sleeve) is a sex toy that you can put on top of your penis to make it bigger, longer, and thicker. If adding extra length piques your interest, we'll go over how to use a penis extension sleeve.

How to Use a Penis Extender Sleeve

The level of comfort that a penis sleeve provides for both you and your partner is the single most significant factor when purchasing one. If you're looking to buy a penis sleeve, you first need to ensure you're getting the right size.

Loves Glove penis sleeves are designed to be simple to use. Just slip it on like a condom, and you're good to go. If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this tutorial on how to put on the Loves Glove.

How to Measure Your Penis for the Sleeve

The penis must be measured while erect, and the measurements must be very precise. Your penis sleeve will sit comfortably and without sliding if it is perfectly fitted. It should fit snugly without being too tight. The tools that allow you to measure both length and diameter are a ruler and a measuring tape.

Measuring shaft length (inner depth): Measure the length of the penis from the scrotum to the tip by placing a ruler along its side.

Measuring the diameter: Wrap the measuring tape around the shaft of the penis at the middle. Take your measurement and divide it by 3.14 to get the diameter. 

Once you have your shaft length, you can go ahead and select the inner depth of the sleeve you’d like to buy.

Indulge Your Wife This Holiday Season

Regular sex has been related to a lower divorce rate among married couples and can contribute to the intimacy between partners. But sometimes, our wife ends up being the last person on our to-do list. If you’re ready to change that, don't hesitate to get a Loves Glove. Your wife will scream… with joy and pleasure.