How To Care for Your Penis Extension Sleeve January 20 2023

penis extension sleeve


There is no shame in having sex toys in the bedroom, as sex is an integral part of loving relationships. So if you're the lucky owner of a penis extension sleeve, you need to make sure you take proper care of it. Those unfamiliar with the right way to do so will benefit from this quick and simple guide.

Why Take Care of a Silicone Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve is a sex toy that’s placed on top of the penis to add length and girth. You put it on like you would a condom. Penis sleeves and all sex toys must be cleaned and stored regularly. Not only for the sake of the sleeve's durability but also for your own health and cleanliness.

If you don't clean your sex toys after use, you or your partner could get skin or yeast infections. Additionally, if the silicone is not cleaned, bacteria may accumulate and cause degradation. Therefore, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. 

If your sex toys are not properly stored, they will be exposed to the elements, specifically dirt and bacteria. In other words, it doesn't matter how thoroughly you wash your cock sleeve after use; it will still become dirty if you leave it lying about.

Since this sex toy is intended to be inserted inside a vagina, cleanliness is crucial. Make an effort to clean it thoroughly in order to avoid getting a serious infection.

How to Clean Your Penis Extension Sleeve

You only need warm water and liquid soap to clean your penis extender sleeve. After you've finished rinsing, use a paper towel to pat everything dry. Before putting the sleeve away, make sure you properly wash both the inside and outside of it and that it’s completely dry.

Where to Store Your Penis Extension Sleeve

It’s just as important to store your sex toys in a clean and dry place after each use as it is to clean them. For example, you wouldn't just toss your toothbrush anywhere; you'd make sure it's stored clean.

Therefore, always store your sex toys in a safe, clean location. This could be as simple as the packaging your toys arrived in or a silk or satin bag. Most couples keep their sex toys in the nightstand for easy access.

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