Loves Glove realistic Silicon Penis Enhancement Sleeves December 06 2017 12 Comments

When it comes to penis extensions there are many kind to choose from. Cyber skin 4" penis extender is the one i see more often. The problem is that doesn't work very well. When i tried it, it got stuck, then I pulled back it stretched and slipped off my cock. The Ample extender is too hard and very difficult to put on, it broke when i tried stretching the loop around my balls. Real Feel penis enhancements it suppose to make the penis thicker, but during sex it never even made it in, it just got pushed back down my cock. Adam and Eve extensions are too small and hard, also, what's up with the little nobs? are those suppose to make a woman feel good?. And on and on... of all the cocks sleeves I've tried Loves Glove are the best. They look and feel real while enhancing the penis by adding length and girth. Loves Glove stay on securely and never slip off because they are custom made to fit.

We know women want a big cock "the bigger, the better" is what most ladies say. Unfortunately, when it comes to size all men are not created equal. However, with Loves Glove penis extenders we can give our women what they want and need every time.

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