Realistic Penis Enhancer

Loves glove specializes in custom made realistic silicon penis attachments for men. Depending on which Loves Glove he chooses a man can increase his length to 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 inches long, and add inches to his girth. Loves Glove male enhancers are all custom made to fit the individual.

Go from 6 inches to 10 inches with a natural looking and feeling attachment

Loves glove male enhancers are made from platinum medical grade silicon plus an essential oil derived from Durian tree fruit. This oil gives Loves Gloves a silky smooth surface so they glide across skin without any drag or surface tension. This feature alone sets Loves Gloves apart from all other penis extenders. 

It fits like a glove and works like the real thing!

Review From Our Customer:

M. from Portland:

"I was looking for a little manhood enhancement to spice things up with my wife and found the love gloves website. After a few days of contemplation I decided to go ahead and purchase the 8" and the 9". Once they arrived in the mail I quickly went home and tried both of them on. OMG, the person behind the concept and design is a genius. This product truly looks, feels, and acts like a huge cock. It fits snuggly, doesn’t slip off when used, soft, yet firm where it needs to be and It’s incredibly slick. So a few days ago a gave it a test drive with the wife and she loved it. First time in a long time I actually got scratch marks on my back from the intense pounding I gave her. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for more length and girth."